As R. S. Kye has written in the article "Professor with a mission": "[Dhanjoo Ghista] is a professor of professors,a world authority in biomedical engineering and physics, author or editor of 24 textbooks in subjects ranging from Cardiovascular physics to Socio-economic Democracy and the World government (Collective capitalism, Depovertization, Human rights, Template for sustainable peace) and inventor of life-saving implant devices. A pioneer of research into the effect of space travel on astronauts, his work as the founder and leading exponent of the new science of societal engineering has received recognition from academics and institutions alike."

Dr. Dhanjoo N. Ghista has published over 300 works in the fields of engineering, biomedicine, and the social sciences. He is also author/editor of over twenty books on biomedical engineering, engineering physiology, cardiovascular physics, orthopedic mechanics, medical and life physics, spinal injury biomedical engineering, and African development. He is a pioneer in the fields of biomedical engineering, healthcare engineering, and community development engineering and is committed to the advancement of Developing Countries.

Currently Director of the Parkway Medical Group Academy based in Singapore, Dr. Ghista has previously worked as professor at the Nanyang Technological University, chairman of biomedical engineering at Osmania University , professor and founding chairman of the Biophysics Department at the United Arab Emirates University in AI Ain, UAE. He earlier was professor of engineering, physics and medicine, as well as chairman of biomedical engineering, at McMaster University (in Canada).